ALUPROJECT is a team of committed Professionals. We analyze, advise, design and manufacture, guaranteeing Customer’s  satisfaction. Our flexible and devoted approach makes each project the most important one. We perform the tasks entrusted to us based on professional knowledge, access to modern software, CNC machine park and passion for development, which is the basis of the company.

Ambitious and demanding projects are the ones that bring us the greatest satisfaction. As a young Team, we have been focused on building solid foundations on which we want to set extraordinary challenges. We raise work standards, invest in improving the quality of the product and offered services, and put emphasis on continuous education.

So far implemented projects confirm that openness, knowledge and commitment allow us to achieve the intended goals and be optimistic about the future.


As a supplier of the widely understood metal joinery, we work with the majority of reputable aluminum systems. Each project begins with the selection of the appropriate technical solution. We are present at all stages of design arrangements within the scope of our work. We provide professional project service by offering comprehensive and genuine support.


One of the key assumptions of the company is the continuous improvement of the quality of offered products and services.  In order to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, we have equipped our production plant with modern CNC machines, so that the final product meets the highest expectations. The implementation of advanced software allows for efficient handling of complex projects while maintaining high quality standards.


Depending on the Client’s needs and the size of the project, we offer the assembly service of previously manufactured aluminum structures. On bigger scale, we work with trusted assembly Teams whose experience allows for trouble-free and professional service of each project.

We notice the growing share of foreign orders in the activities of Aluproject. We have several years of experience in the process of shipping our products to the European, Middle East, USA and Canadian markets. We have knowledge of proper packaging, air / container shipping, and customs and export procedures.